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Versus Coffee - Toronto

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

After another walk through the city, we felt it was only right to have ANOTHER latte. We may drink too many lattes and too much beer while we're traveling, but it really is an awesome experience for us. Not only that, but it gives us time to relax between exciting activities and time to plan the next steps. (Bonus... we often find free wifi which was a blessing in Canada because of the seriously bogged down international data)

We ordered our coffee drinks and posted up at a free table. I was struck by how cold and distant the whole everything white and hard felt, but I did absolutely love the flower display along the wall and ceiling. Really brightened it up and made it homier.

The bf delivered my mocha latte ;) and I naturally needed take pictures of it... because... latte art! Versus, as with the other lattes on our list, was chosen not only because the delicious factor, but because of the latte art. Always doing it for the gram.

Ok, so I took a lot.

We took some time out to just relax and plan our next move and called an Uber. Your girl was tired from the heat and all of the walking. We thankfully found a lot of spots where we could walk to due to some seriously fabulous planning on my part. ;)

Once the next step was upon us, we lidded up the rest of the drinks and that yellow was just too cute not to get another picture.

On to the next fabulous Toronto spot... I give Versus a 9/10 for the drinks and latte art and a 6/10 for the atmosphere. Not exactly a place to hang out for long in my opinion, but I would go back!

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