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Vegas Vacation Freebies!

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

If you're anything like me, you like #freebies! Freebies while traveling are the BEST. While Vegas was full of fun and affordable things (Coupon books everywhere, deals for birthdays, deals if you sign up for accounts places, etc), I had a few favorites!

1. The Bellagio Fountain at the Bellagio 2. The Volcano Show at The Mirage 3. Binion's $1,000,000 photo opportunity 4. Flamingos at the Flamingo!


The Bellagio Fountain

The Fountain Show at the Bellagio

Ok, ok... so, everybody says to go see the Bellagio Fountain, it may seem like an obvious option, but I think a lot of people miss how awesome it really is! If you want to view the show from the front row or with nothing obstructing your view, you will have to get there a bit before it starts. Thankfully, the fountain is giant and there is a lot of space to line up and the show goes off often, so you're able to get another chance if your time slot of choice isn't the best it could have been. My favorite viewing was when we went around 8pm. It was still light out making a bit of twilight fabulousness, and by the time it was ending, I was able to get some really nice darker shots as well. I definitely recommend that you make sure you visit when it's getting darker, but not dark just yet - I promise you won't be disappointed! Pro Tip: If you're a fan of the Oceans movies, listen to Clair De Lune while watching the fountains create their magical display. I didn't do this and I regret it so much!!


The Volcano Show at The Mirage

The Volcano Show at The Mirage

This show isn't quite as entertaining as the Bellagio Fountain, but I may have just seen it during crappy times. There were so many people crammed into the small space around the single Volcano that the only way to snap a clear shot was to hold your arms all the way up and crop some off later.

It did look really cool! If I didn't know any better, from afar, the lighting makes it look like actual lava. haha. I naturally know it's not real lava, but it surely didn't look like water! The lighting and music/sound effects accompanying the show was very cool as well. I definitely recommend that you pop by early enough to snag yourself a spot to watch if you have the time to do so. The show happens many times throughout the day, but it looks way cooler at twilight or later on in the day. It was insanely busy (like how busy Bellagio gets!) but harder to view as it's smaller, so getting a good spot is important.


The Binion's Million Dollar Photo Opportunity

Binion's on Fremont Street - Las Vegas

This freebie is a real tangible freebie! Binion's really helps make a fun Fremont Street experience! It is a bit silly, but you can take photos with a real stack of one million dollars. A photographer will snap you a couple different poses and they even print them in a matter of minutes and give them back to you in souvenir paper folders. Not a lot of places offer you free printed souvenir photographs, so i think this is a winning freebie!

Aside from the Million Dollar photo, when you sign up for their Player's Club, you get deals for food at their Gambling Hall! Random little tid-bit, this is literally the only place I saw actual quarter slots while on our trip. Real quarter slots that you can put real quarters in, and real quarters fall out the bottom when you win. This is the gambling experience I was looking for. Everywhere else was just automated touch screen kind of machines where they printed out vouchers. This felt more "Vegas" to me. :)


The Flamingo Wildlife Habitat at the Flamingo Hotel & Casino

Flamingo Wildlife Habitat - Las Vegas

If you're visiting the LINQ Promenade for the day, make sure you stop in the Flamingo! It wasn't very busy when we were there so it was nice and relaxing and there is a Flamingo Wildlife Habitat! It was 100% free and it was really actually nice. There were plenty of Flamingos to view as well as the random fish, turtle and other birds hanging around.


A couple of other freebies that We nabbed:

  • Ellis Island Casino does offer a Players Club, when you sign up you get a steak dinner at a steep discount. it was good!

  • Bally's and Rio Casino had people coming around taking simple drink orders on the floor. Free drinks if you're gambling. We only encountered this at those 2 casinos, but it should happen everywhere.

  • Sprinkles cupcakes on the LINQ Promenade gives you a free cupcake for your birthday if you sign up for their program.

  • If you're celebrating a birthday, make sure you hit up the Luxor to spin the wheel at guest services, you may win big!

Binion's Million Dollars Photo Opp, Free birthday cupcake from Sprinkles (Topper I brought from home!) and FREE casino floor drinks. :)

Any freebies you know about and want to share? Let me know!


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