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Toronto Cocktail Bars - Pt. 2 - Miss Thing's

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Let me start off by saying... Miss Thing's was truly a gem. I don't know why it was so dead in the neighborhood this night, but I'm so so glad, as we ended up getting some seriously awesome personalized service. There was only one other man in the bar and our bartender extraordinaire was THE best. He was friendly, helpful, full of stories and Toronto information and even gave us some suggestions for where else we should pop by while in the area to fill our cocktail and beer cravings. I truly am sad I don't remember his name, because he deserves a round of applause.

I ordered myself the cutest shark cocktail on Earth... The Total Eclipse of the Shark. It cost me $14 CAD which was a steal. It contained Mount Gay Eclipse Run, Lychee Cactus Pear Juice, Passion Fruit and Lime. It was refreshing, icy and just yummy! I would 100% order this again... or just about half of the other things on the menu!

We were able to enjoy the craft cocktail experience, sip and relax within the hour which was great because we now had several other things we had on the plate for the night. 10/10 for this stop, and anybody visiting Toronto needs to have this bar on their Toronto Bucket List.

Completely friendly, super yummy, cute atmosphere. Honestly... 10/10!

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