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The Mirage Pool - Las Vegas

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Is the pool at The Mirage paradise in Paradise?


The Mirage - Las Vegas

During our Vegas Vacation, we managed to get to the pool two separate times, we even made our way down on our first day! Just hours after we landed, we were relaxing in the water sipping cold drinks. First impressions: 1. The pool area was a bit too busy. 2. "Lush" feeling with the palms and flowering plants. 3. It was SUNNY

We arrived at the pool area after a long walk from the hotel room. We were checked before entering to make sure we were staying at the hotel - I like that they check as we are paying for the use of the pool. It was crazy busy. We got down there in the early evening, and there were no chairs aside from a couple randomly peppered in solo chairs. Not many of these "used" chairs were being used by anything but flip flops, sunglasses and damp towels, but that is to be expected.

We found a spot to leave our towels and my beach bag and made our way to the Dolphin Bar - frozen drinks here we come! I had my eye on one of the drinks but thankfully the bartender was kind enough to alert me to its flavor LOL and let me sample it first. I ended up getting a Frose which was delicious! It was super sweet, but I expected it to be, as it was a pre-made Slurpee-esque slurry in a dispenser. I would have loved for them to take drink orders instead of having to get out and grab them but I never saw any employees or servers anywhere other than manning the entrance. I would have definitely bought more.

My negatives about the drinks? They were REALLY expensive. Don't be surprised if you're paying $50 for a couple souvenir cups while you're relaxing. I also didn’t like how they didn’t refill the reusable cups for a discounted price like everywhere else we bought reusable souvenir cups on the strip! When you're already paying a premium, you should definitely at least be able to reuse the cup or get a couple bucks knocked off - neither of which were options.

The palms and flowering plants around the pool were beautiful but they offered almost NO shade. The sun was brutal and I overheat easily as I have a sun allergy - It didn't take long for my painful itchy skin bumps to pop up letting me know I needed to find some shade. Which, like I said, there wasn't much of an option. I was able to hop over to the waterfall though, which was helpful! ESPECIALLY when the clouds rolled in. Holla!

Overall, I liked the pool! The atmosphere was nice an I really did like the tropical vibe. Pros: Beautiful

Liked the waterfall!

Decent water temperature

On Site Bar

Secure, not Letting in non-guests

Cons: SUNNY, limited shade available

Limited seating, most taken up by peoples' belongings

No servers to take drink orders

Closed early!

I would give this pool an easy 7/10. I didn't LOVE it, but I didn't hate it either. I think the sunny aspect with no possibility of finding decent shade weighs SO MUCH on my rating. There should be optional umbrellas, shaded areas, or something. It was rough. What pools in Vegas are your favorite?

Let me know!


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