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The Mirage - Las Vegas

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

The Mirage Hotel and Casino

The Mirage Hotel - Las Vegas

I stayed at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas for my significant others 30th birthday! There were definitely ups and downs to this stay. I did quite a bit of research after the SO said we were going to stay at the Mirage because he found a nice deal. The average nightly price during this stay was around $120… weekend nights were super costly while the weekdays were very cheap. There was an additional resort fee which makes that low price a bit higher.

Prior to our stay I reached out to both the Concierge and Guest Services to discuss possible ways to improve our stay as it was our first time and it was for a 30th birthday. Other hotels on the strip (and off) did say they offered complimentary upgrades (like better views, discounts cards, early check in) from time to time, but I NEVER even got a response from either department. Not even an automated message! Why have guest services or a concierge if they don’t bother to reply to the paying guests?

Check in day! I flew in from Detroit, Michigan while the SO flew in from Portland, Oregon. We arrived at the strikingly beautiful hotel lobby before noon. The atmosphere in the atrium was great, the tropical and sunny vibe was perfect! There was definitely a fast paced hustle and bustle that I honestly didn’t see in every hotel lobby we visited while in Vegas, which was a bit of a turn off, but it really was attractive and welcoming.

The Mirage Hotel Las Vegas, Nevada. Lobby Atrium
Lobby Artium - The Mirage, Last Vegas

Although it was definitely quieter by the check in counter, the check in process itself was a bit of a mess.. The lines were crazy long (I can assume this is typical but I have no other Vegas check in experience to compare it to) but several people were at the desk so it moved decently quick. Our room still had a LONG wait on it, which was really unfortunate. We had to go back outside in front and wait in another line to check in our luggage separately so we didn’t have to roll it around with us while we waited for the room.

Around 12:30 we popped into the Cravings Buffet. (I’ll have another post about the buffets!) We ate then had time to wander around the lobby some more, and we even did a quick slot machining.

The Mirage Hotel Lobby - Las Vegas

We got the notification that our room was ready at 2:30.

Here are my first impressions of the hotel room: 1. It was meh. It didn't outwardly appear to be an outdated room, but it was not very memorable. Wide open space by the front door, bit tighter around the window area but plenty of room to live out of a suitcase for a few days. 2. It smelled bad. Imagine lots of wet towels, not enough ventilation, and then a quick febreezing from housekeeping to tide it over. It honestly smelled on the verge of moldy and the SO did get a bit stuffy #allergies.

We did some unpacking. I attempted to put some drinks we brought into the “fridge” which was listed as an amenity. What a joke. You couldn’t fit ANYTHING in there as it was already stocked full of weighted, overpriced, items. Even the top of the fridge wasn’t usable space to set things as there were dry snacks that were also weighted. If you moved them, you would be charged for them. I honestly think its quite the scam. Once I got over that annoyance I was able to start enjoying... the VIEW.

Our view was FABULOUS. Best part of the hotel room by far. Thoroughly impressed. We were able to see a direct view of the strip and we snapped plenty of pictures of it. We took our time settling in and then began getting ready to hit the POOL. The pool area was overall nice. (I’ll be posting a pool only review later!

View from our room at The Mirage, Las Vegas

Overall, the hotel was nice!

I would recommend it to others looking for a more affordable option on the strip.


On the Strip

Nice Pools and Grounds

Buffet and Restaurants on site

Shopping Options on Site

Free Volcano Show


Nice Lobby

Cons: No fridge

Smelly Room – Eau De Damp Moldy Towel Air Freshner

Very Busy Lobby

Very Busy Pool Area

Concierge and Guest Services don’t respond to requests

What resorts do you love in Vegas?

Let me know!


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