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the Eaton Center - Toronto

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

While the BF and I were visiting Toronto, we unfortunately needed to hit up the Apple Store to get his iPhone working again (Spoiler alert: we got no help and I was so salty about it), so we walked over to the Eaton Center after we grabbed a latte at Dineen Coffee Co.

For a mall, it was pretty cool looking. The skylight roof was stunning! It definitely felt Canada with the pride all over the place in the decor. Lots of, "We the North" banners.

If you're a mall fan or nearby and just want to check it out... go! We didn't explore too much because we had so many plans, but what we did see, it was inviting.

No joke about stunning, right? It was really pretty spectacular. Not only the massive amount of light pouring in and a unique focal point, but check out those birds! Little pops of art and beauty everywhere. Pro Tip: Always go everywhere with the eyes of a tourist. How many people do you think regularly traverse this mall that don't truly take any of it in. How many locals do you think have never really stopped to really SEE how cool this mall really is? I'm willing to bet the number is high. Always have those tourist eyes out, guys!


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