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Steam Whistle Brewing - Toronto

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Steam Whistle Brewing was a surprising gem for me. I'm more of an IPA and unique blends beer lady, but I apparently also really like beer with history! We strolled across the street from the Bobbie Rosenfeld Park and the CN Tower viewing and stumbled upon Roundhouse Park, part of the Railway Museum. Lots of little historic things to see and read about.

Just some cool looking Railway stuff to stumble upon in the middle of a city. Not incredibly surprising as we're on the way to the Steam Whistle Brewing.. choo choo!

It's always cool to see some of the historic side of a thriving metropolis when visiting somewhere new.

After a quick meandering and viewing, we spotted the brewery! Yay! I was parched, so it was definitely time to wet my whistle. ;)

I truly did not realize before popping in that they literally had... like... 2 beers on tap. From what I gather, the 2nd beer on tap was an extremely new development. Their main, original, beer is the Pilsner and they added a Pale to the rotation. They now have a Session Lager, which was not on tap when we visited.

The bf and I opted to order 1 or each beer.

The place was open and airy and there were a ton of places to look. Beautiful windows, super old school industrial. Just what you would expect. Not a lot of open tables, but we did find one towards the back which gave us a nice vantage point.

The beer was all light and refreshing. I would drink it again, but I would consider it more of a lawnmower beer rather than something to savor. 10/10 on this place. Visit it.

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