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Shameful Tiki Room - Cocktail Bars in Toronto pt. 1

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Toronto has a pretty thriving nightlife culture - there are countless bars you can visit! We visited just a few cocktail bars during our visit as we had to split our bar time with breweries - one of our great loves. The four cocktail locations we visited were:

  • Shameful Tiki Room

  • Mrs. Robinson

  • PrettyUgly

  • Miss Things


The first night, I had cocktails on my mind. We took an Uber from our apartment and hit up the Shameful Tiki Room on Queen Street West. The atmosphere was pretty awesome. We were able to enjoy the Polynesian lights and sounds typical of the Tiki aesthetic. The wait was a smidge long, but we had adequate time to peruse the menu.... settling on these gems.

I truly forgot the drink the bf got (the drink in the foreground) but I believe what I got was a Singapore Sling - I've reached out to the bar to check so I can update! It was incredibly dark where we were sitting and I couldn't for the life of me snag a good picture so I eventually gave up. I didn't even snap a picture of the menu - I was enjoying my time too much, I guess. They did have select tiki mugs for sale but they were SUPER expensive and traveling with them sounded like a horrible idea. I wish they had the glasses when we were there, I totally would have bought one. We DID keep the adorable swizzle sticks, though! The location is perfect if you're hoping for a night out on the town - being located right on Queen Street was awesome because we were able to walk to multiple other bars that night... stay tuned for the next post where we chat about another one of the cocktail bars! Rating? 9/10

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