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PrettyUgly Bar - Toronto

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

This place deserves its own blog post simply because it was cute! It was a tad busy, but quick service, and while I don't remember what drink, I'm pretty sure it was good because I remember everything I truly dislike. haha. Curses for not taking a picture of the drink!

It was really extremely dark in there and I couldn't really read the baby menu we had, but the gentleman tending the bar was kind and I did like the intimate vibe. We did not spend too much time here, I would say we only were here about 15 or so minutes, enough time to rest those legs from the bar hopping and have a sip - from what I recall, we shared a drink.

One bit of random trivia, after we left here we saw an adorable raccoon in the shubbery nearby.


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