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Oregon is for Lovers! ๐Ÿ’™

Guys, I went back to Oregon for a week. The boyfriend is still there for work and when stars aligned, we made a responsible trip happen during the pandemic.

Oregon from above. Taken from the sky near Portland.

What do I mean when I say responsible trip, might you ask? Well....

  1. Masks! If we leave the apartment or get out of the car, those masks are on. We are responsible for our health and also are responsible for the health of those we come into contact with. If I can unknowingly have a communicable sickness, I shouldn't be knowingly not taking steps which can help curb the spread.

  2. No indoor dining! We stuck to our guns and did not take part in any enclosed dining. With a mostly packed up kitchen, we did have a need for lots of dining out - we had delivery and carried out food, but also sat on a couple of patios. We were lucky enough to be the only diner on some patios, too!

  3. Sanitize sanitize and sanitize! While this specific illness is spread through droplets primarily, we did carry a full sanitizer bottle on the side of my purse which allowed for us to pump it ALL the time. I also brought a pack of wipes for hard surfaces we came across where we were going to post up.

  4. We did not go into any crowded locations and even avoided parties we came across outdoors. This did not affect our experience at all.

These were the major 4. We also have been lucky enough to both be fully VACCINATED and one of us has since been tested for Coronavirus due to work requirements. Clean bill of health! We had a GREAT trip and remained safe the entire time. Stay tuned for some posts about Oregon.

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