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Disney World - Planning Out my Bucket List

If you know me at all, you know that going to Disney World is at the top of my Bucket List. I have ALWAYS been a huge Disney lover and going to the resort would be Simply the Best. *Insert David from Schitt's Creek* Really, though, Disney World has my number one Bucket List spot.

My ranking of Disney World Resort Parks based on absolutely no first hand knowledge:

- Magic Kingdom

- Epcot

- Hollywood Studios

- Animal Kingdom

I truthfully believe I'll get the most out of Magic Kingdom! Main Street? Fantasyland? Be Our Guest Restaurant? BRING IT ON. This park would clearly be my jam. Next, Epcot, I think would be too much fun with the Drinking and Eating around the world. That is tops for me. and Epcot is also home to iconic Spaceship Earth. Can't beat that. Hollywood Studios sounds like my next spot taker... I have NO interest in doing anything Star Wars related, but I love the other characters that are in the park and would love to see Fantasmic. Lastly, Animal Kingdom, I just feel like this sounds like an overrated Safari/Zoo. I hear Pandora is cool (I've never seen Avatar) and some of those restaurants look good. Iconic Tree of Life would NEED to be seen, but other than that, I need some help to change my mind!

Top Need to haves on my Disney trip:

- Disney snacks - Mickey shaped everything.

- Speaking of food, I think a meal plan is needed. I want to get all the character meals and snacks my heart desires and I don't want to be paying out of pocket for each thing and worrying about transactions the whole time. I would rather pay for a plan and scan as I go and only worry about tipping on the trip.

- At least part of the trip needs to be at a good resort - I'm talking awesome amenities with a nice pool, restaurants, bars. We don't have kids so this would just be some grown up fun with cocktails.

- I honestly don't care too much for the rides, some rides will suffice, but more the iconic ones and not really interested in roller coasters. Medically I'm not supposed to ride those anyway, so, if anything, that's my excuse. :)

- Character Meals! I need to see, meet, and get autographs!

- Honestly, a lot of my trip would be getting pics for the gram - and this blog. Let's be real, I'm an OBSESSIVE picture taker.

- Speaking of pictures, Memory Maker might be super cool!

- I want to see Orange Bird and get cocktails at the Enchanted Tiki Room

- I would LOVE to enjoy Disney After Hours and get some extra more relaxed time in there.

- Stay on the property the whole time so I can have my stuff taken to my room for me so I don't have to lug it around, and so that I can get into the park early.

- I would really enjoy being at Epcot during a festival, mainly the Flower and Garden (so pretty!!!) or the Festival of the Arts but any festival would probably be fantastic!

- Catch the fireworks over Cinderellas Castle with a vantage point! Snag one of those viewing deck dinner parties? or just catching it with a nice view.

- I want to eat the GREY STUFF at Be Our Guest

- I want to take ridiculous selfies with my themed outfits and my Mickey Ears... DEFINITELY would love some Disney snack selfies, and might even consider grabbing a balloon and taking some with one of those too. If I can take a selfie with it, I probably will.

- I would really dork out and enjoy pin trading.

- ....more to come??

Disney Hotels/Resorts:

I'm pretty sure that staying on the property is a non negotiable for me. I want to maximize my time and get those little extras. These are some of the ones that stand out to me. Even if I only stay in a pricey one a couple days and split stay at a value resort the bulk of the time.

1. The Polynesian (Deluxe)

- I'd love a character experience at Ohana and the Spirit of Aloha looks like a nice dinner experience.

- the pool situation looks great - could see myself getting a dole whip or cocktail there.

- Trader Sam's Grog Grotto is calling my name

2. Wilderness (Deluxe)

- Love the vibe of this resort - the Lodge style is super cute.

- There is a fun Water Taxi to Magic Kingdom

- I'd love to see the Storybook Dining at Artist Point. Looks super cute.

What other resorts do you love? I assume if I split stay, I would be staying at a value or a moderate (Depending on how fancy we wanna be)

Are you like me and have been dreaming of going forever and have a bucket list going? What are things you have on your Disney World Bucket List? Have you been to Disney a billion times and can think of things you recommend I add? Who's been to Disney and has some secrets to share? Let me know! I'll be adding more to this list as they come to me because I've been writing this list on the fly.


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