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Bulldog Coffee - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

One of my main objectives in terms of food and drink when I'm visiting somewhere new is Coffee Shops and Local Cocktails or Breweries. You won't catch me at a national or international chain if I can help it.

After some research on Toronto, I found a coffee shop that had fancy rainbow latte art and I knew it needed to go on my coffee bucket list for the trip. Let me introduce to you Bulldog Coffee.....

This cute space was inside of the Assembly Chef's Hall in the Financial District. Tons of space to post up, light and airy vibe. There was additional food and drink options in the hall, but we only visited for a rainbow latte. :)

We ordered our drinks and watched as the latte artist did his thing. I do regret not taking pictures of this! Love the pop of color of the lid (this is the 2nd place we got a latte at in Toronto that had a pop of color lid and I honestly don't know why more places don't do this!) The hand stamped sleeve is also a nice touch that I appreciate.

We found a spot to sit down and relax with our drinks and i VERY SLOWLY tried to open the lid as to not ruin the latte art rainbow heart...

its so cute - what do you think? I definitely don't regret making the stop for this unique coffee drink while on our trip to Toronto.

Date of visit: Summer 2019

Rating: 10/10 - I just beyond LOVE when there is a unique menu item somewhere - rainbow lattes are unique! :)


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