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Breweries of Saint Clair Shores, Michigan

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

The stay at home orders during part of 2020 made us focus on trying to support the small local businesses as best we could, in the safest way possible. When it comes to what I like to do in terms of night life, breweries are my favorite! We have some really amazing local craft beer in the great state of Michigan, and I'm lucky enough to have a superb selection of craft beer in the city I currently reside. Baffin Brewing Company, Copper Hop and Jamex all operate out of the city Saint Clair Shores, a suburb of Detroit.

I’m a lifetime mug club member at both Baffin and Copper Hop, but unfortunately, the pandemic really put a damper on my mug use! Which brings me to the best creation ever......... TAKE-OUT. Y'all, snagging growlers, howlers, crowlers, bottles and cans has become to norm for me when I can't pop into my favorite bars to grab a drink. I can't say that the atmosphere is quite the same, but I’m so happy we have been able to try all of the new brews while remaining safe at home over the year. I'm beyond happy that our local establishments were able to rise to the occasion and set up the website ordering, curbside pick-up, etc, to make it work.

Check out how we celebrated some of these local breweries from home with bottles, cans, growlers and more >>>>>>>>

If we're ranking I'm going to have Copper Hop and Baffin Both at a solid 9 on the 10 point scale. I love them both and I'm proud of my mugs at both of these establishments. Baffin has been solid since their grand opening weekend - always amazing brews and now they make seltzers and are working on hard alcohol. Copper Hop is much newer, but honestly, a huge bit of brewery competition on the scene. Their beer is delicious, they also have ciders and wine. yay! I'm going to rank Jamex a 6.5. I haven't found quite as many good brews here, but they are still a solid contender in the city. The atmosphere is a bit more laid back as they are a smaller location in general, and I never see it crowded like it can get at both Baffin and Copper Hop. The laid back feeling may help bump this score up for many!

ALL THREE have outdoor patios and allow for take out beers in some way or another. Baffin only cans a few of their styles, but you can get howlers and growlers to go (online ordering or carry out). Copper Hop does allow online ordering on and off, and they fill crowlers. Jamex has online ordering and they also have a a to-go fridge where you can build your own packs. I don't believe they fill glass bottles anymore, they can them all.

If you’re ever in the Detroit area and want to try some local brews, be sure to check out Baffin, Copper Hop and Jamex in Saint Clair Shores.

What breweries do you have mug memberships at??

Let me know... I'm sure I can fit more craft beer on my bucket list.



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