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Bobbie Rosenfeld Park & CN Tower - Toronto

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

the Bobbie Rosenfeld Park with the fabulous view of the CN Tower was honestly, quite the treat during a warm and sunny trip. While you couldn't get in that fountain, it was somewhat refreshing just being there with the sounds and sights of the water. Maybe knowing beer was coming next on our itinerary helped as well.

Just look at it! REFRESHING. :) Nobody was really sitting around the fountain itself but there were a lot of people milling around, taking in the views and taking pictures. It was a wonderfully central location between many sites including the famous Rogers Centre.

We did not have plans to go to the CN Tower itself, it was one of the possibly overrated things we kept off the itinerary because there were just too many things we wanted to keep on the list. We opted for other views of the city, and also believed that the view from our apartment for the trip was AMAZING making it less important to find those stunning city views elsewhere.

this WAS, however, the best place to get an up close view of the tower!

I won't lie, it was smaller than I expected. Very very skinny. I had a Statue of Liberty feeling - it's really this small? haha.

I would 10/10 recommend hitting up this spot!

CN Tower, the fountain, photography options, Rogers Centre and across the street is Steam Whistle Brewery and historic railroad stuff. It's also incredibly close to the water if you want to walk over that way. Add this to your list. :)

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