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Bar Hop Brewco - Toronto

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

One of my main objectives of the trip was BEER. We love checking out craft beer, breweries, beer halls.... the whole thing. Once we checked into the apartment we rented for the trip, we took a walk through downtown and, after some wrong turns, we ended up finding Bar Hop Brewco.

The first line of business was finding some drinks to try - I opted for only locally made brews. (When in Rome!) The staff unfortunately was not very helpful when I tried to engage in a discussion about the beers on tap, and didn't have any suggestions, but I did like that there were many options to choose from on the menu.

I was a fan of the industrial vibe they were throwing down, which really isn't normally me thing. I prefer more cozy, but this worked. I was sooooo hot though, It was warm in there (hello sunny summer heat) and I was not feeling any breeze or anything which was a bit of a bummer for how warm it was.

We ended up grabbing a snack to relax because we had been driving and being busy all day so far. Not too long, unfortunately, because we had a TON of plans piled up for our trip.

Upon leaving I did notice how awesome I thought the front of the bar was.. check out this:

There has to be some history in these walls, I didn't see anything with a quick search online for the listed address... but I know there has to be something. Maybe more to come... This location was at 137 Peter. Does anybody know the history of this building? Let me know!


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