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Babe’s Chicken Dinner House - Arlington, Texas

While visiting the greater Dallas, Texas area for the Cotton Bowl to see our Alma Mater compete back in December 2016, one of the places we visited for dinner was Babe's Chicken Dinner House in Arlington.

I'm not going to lie, the idea of meals served family style isn't my ideal, but I couldn't wait to try their chicken dinners after I read about how it was so famous! We really lucked out and it wasn't busy at all when we arrived. There was plenty of space so we didn't have to wait too long to be seated and I didn't feel too dorky taking pictures of the decor since, not only was it not busy, but everybody was really enjoying their time and having a great visit. (It was a bit loud, but there was some sort of party going on and everybody was so happy!)

The atmosphere was really unique! It almost felt like you were surrounded by small town local businesses. The mis-matched chairs even added to the feeling of being down home, local. The service was very friendly, too.

How cute! We waited a bit for the food, but it's always nice when you're on a trip to get some time to really rest up and relax, so I wasn't too upset about this time to just chill and chat... plan our next move. When it arrived I was so excited (and super hungry!).

It was just two of us, so there was plenty of food to share. I loved almost every bit of it. The chicken was simple but delicious. The beans was probably my least favorite part, and they weren't even bad, just not the *best*. There are very few times that I have gone home after a trip, and made my family recreate menu items from my travels, but, Babe's was different! I had grown up thinking creamed corn was gross, but, BOY was I wrong. Their "Grandma's Corn" was fantastic! I should have gotten seconds on some of this food based on how yummy it was, but my brain was right to call it a night.

10/10 would recommend and go again if I'm ever around a Babe's again! If you're considering checking it out yourself, here is their website:


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