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Anniversary dinner in Philly

The boyfriend and I just celebrated our 15th anniversary this January. We have had to spend a lot of anniversaries apart, so I pretty much made him live it up with me. Every reservation I made for about a month I put that it was an anniversary celebration on the reservation. Sorry not sorry.

We went to several places, but the official fancy date was to Fogo de Chao in Philly. We opted to go for brunch because it's the same food for 20 bucks cheaper a person. The brunch also comes with the market table buffet, which was fabulous! I'm a super picky person, but I found plenty to enjoy... check out my plate from the market table:

A bit of salad, fruit, mozzarella, and more. It was plenty to nosh on while we worked up the appetite for endless meats brought directly to us table side. This was both of our first trips to a Brazillian steakhouse, so we didn't quite know what to expect. We ordered a couple of brunch cocktails while we waited for the rounds of meat to show up. They had a mimosa on the menu which said it had Passion Fruit in it. It didn't actually taste like it had much juice in it at all, and I didn't really discern the passion fruit. It was also a bit on the warm side? Not a good mimosa. We chose to not get another, and bought the lemonade.

Shockingly, I didn't get any pictures of the meat. HAHA. But it was there... boy was it there. It was all pretty good. I really prefer meat to be well or medium well done, and some of it was a bit too under cooked for me, but still delicious. I liked the sirloin a lot. The chicken never came around during our visit, unfortunately, I am a chicken lover so I was a bit disappointed, but everything I tried was good.

The most photogenic part of the Fogo brunch was this charming Happy Anniversary dessert. We got the lava cake and ice cream. It was pretty standard as far as the dessert itself goes, but the message and presentation was just too adorable. It was totally the cherry on top of the Fogo de Chao sundae. If you google Fogo de Chao Anniversary, you will see we are not special and this is pretty standard for celebrations, but it makes you feel uber special in the moment. Overall, the two "experiences" and two drinks a piece cost us about $160 with tip, I think, the bf paid. If you are on more of a budget, skip the alcoholic beverages. it cost us $50.00 for the 4 drinks alone. Has anybody else had a nice day or night at Fogo in Philly and want to share your experience? Let me know!

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