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3 Brewers Adelaide - Toronto

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

The second place we visited on our tour of Toronto was 3 Brasseurs/3 Brewers Adelaide. We had a bit of difficulty finding it as there was a lot of construction outside:

Once inside, we were quickly brought to the back room, passing a large amount of empty tables along the way. The back was so incredibly loud and PACKED that we couldn't even hear each other talk to the hostess so we requested to be seated closer to the front so we could better enjoy the experience and talk.

We grabbed the beer list and got to work. I selected my preferred samples and got those in just 10 minutes.... they went quickly.

I was ready for more. I perused the cocktail menu and decided on a refreshing frozen alcoholic beverage. Afterall, it was a hot summer day and I could use some icy cold sustenance.

it was a frozen raspberry lemonade and it was beautiful and literally overflowing. They used their blonde beer which was the intriguing part for me. I wanted to love this more. Unfortunately, it was just SO light on flavor I commented to the waitress that it was just super ice flavored and could use more... well, anything else. It helped with my thirst because it was HOT outside, but other than being refreshing, it was a bit of a letdown. I did not order any other drinks and stuck with water for the rest of the visit.

After about an hour, the food finally arrived. I'm a big believer in the idea of, "When in Rome", so I ordered a variation of the Canadian staple... poutine. I snagged a pulled pork poutine. It was okay, but not the best poutine I've ever had. It could have used more curds for sure.

Overall, I would say that 3 Brewers was a 6/10. I'd return again, but try all new things this time and go in with a plan because it was very slow. :)

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